Monday, September 15, 2014


Optimum Card Solutions utilizes the latest in personalization and affixing equipment as well as a host of other supporting equipment to produce gift cards. We specialize in drop-on-demand print technology (DOD). For more information on our personalization services,click here. Optimum also has cutting-edge equipment for card to carrier affixing including folding and working with unique shape/size product. For more information on our affixing services, click here.

Because Optimum constantly invests in new leading technology, please contact Optimum for a full equipment list. You can contact use easily one of two ways:
  • Call us at 630.458.0077 and talk to one of our sales staff.

  • Click on our Contact Us page and complete the information. In the comments section, please indicate you would like an equipment listing sent to you.

For a more comprehensive look at our equipment, facility, and system we invite you to contact us for a site visit. The employees at Optimum are proud of our facility and welcome visits by current and future clients.

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